Safety Containers for #RecoveringfromSexualViolence

Safety Containers for #RecoveringfromSexualViolence

Safety Containers are containers of space, safety, healing energy and non-judgement that help with #RecoveringfromSexualViolence. Our clinic spaces (both in Edmonton and Halifax) are safe, LGTBQI? welcoming, private spaces that create a healing safety container for womxn. 

Safety is our relationship, that you know that Cynthia Geria Ganga is a Registered Massage Therapist, has been trained in energy work, has experienced and embodies the transition that is #RecoveringfromSexualViolence and ongoing privacy of clients. 

Healing energy is something that takes along time to cultivate and will be a skill that you will learn as you go through the #EdmontonTherapeuticMassageRapeRecoveryCourse. 

Non-judgement is essential in healing. It’s incredibly important to us as practitioners and staff of #ETM as many womexn already judge themselves very harshly as they begin the process of #RecoverfromSexualViolence. 

We help you with the Skills and Systems Library to be able to build your own safety containers. 

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