Rest and Reset with Massage Therapy

Rest and Reset with Massage Therapy

There are a few paths through #RecoveringfromSexualViolence. The path that we have constructed at #EdmontonTherapeuticMassage is circular rather than linear. With a circular path, you are repeatedly developing your skills and systems to cope with your experience of sexual violence and are better able to advocate for yourself as a victim as labelled in the legal system.

You may have noticed that we don’t introduce the dealing with the criminal courts element of #RecoveringfromSexualViolence early on in recovery. This is because Canada doesn’t have a time limit for cases that need to be reported to law enforcement. We hope that by working on developing resources within you; so that you are able to advocate on your own behalf and speak up gently. And stand up for yourself and do so in health without negatively effecting your personal and professional life.

One of the resources that we offer is therapeutic Massage. Working on reducing your stress levels through therapeutic massage is healthy and of great benefit physically, emotionally, psychologically and energy wise. We would love to see you at either of our clinics (Edmonton or Halifax) and you can ask about appointments by emailing Cynthia Geria Ganga @ our clinic email.

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