Energy Work and Energy Bodies

Energy Work and Energy Bodies

Energy work is something that Cynthia Geria Ganga has explored through learning Reiki in 2005 when she was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and working on Chakra balancing through her daily yoga practice (which she has had off and on while recovering from injuries from 1995-Present). Energy work can also be working on Compassion Key, Non-Personal Awareness and ETF-Tapping to shift energy patterns.

Cynthia Geria Ganga will be taking an EFT-Tapping Course in March 2021 for Healthcare Practitioners online. In the Edmonton Therapeutic Massage – Rape Recovery Course that she will be launching in January 2022; there will be a library of skills and systems that she uses with clients #RecoveringfromSexualViolence. These skills and systems will include energy shifting techniques.

One of her over-reaching aims is to help women to recover from sexual violence very gently. Transformation and the effectiveness of therapy is also incredibly important. Efficacy and simplicity are also strong wishes that clients have when they incorporate these skills and systems into their daily lives.

Cynthia did a post for IG in 2020 that talked about energy work being considered Hokey (Edmonton Therapeutic Massage on Instagram: “#HockeyBeerTrucks&Guns #YEGRMT #YEGRAc #YEGAcupuncture #YEGMassage #EmotionalBody #HealingtheEmotionalBody #EdmontonTherapeuticMassage…”) to claim and shift the energy around using energy work as a Registered Massage Therapist. Cynthia is learning to reduce her disdain from the primary culture of Edmonton #HockeyBeerTrucks&Guns as she spends time in Halifax, NS this year as a 2nd year Student at @CCATCM_ in Bedford, NS.

Energy work such as #QiGong, #Acupuncture and even the #qiofhealthyfood choices are all things that she will incorporate into next years #RapeRecoveryCourse through #EdmontonTherapeuticMassage.

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