A Lesson in Value

A lesson in value

The cost of #RecoveringFromSexualViolence

Meditation, as taught by a 100-year-old Master Teacher, has been instrumental in my clients’ recovery from sexual assault.  

Value is not the cost but what you learn. What’s important in a technique that helps you recover from sexual violence is that it’s easy to incorporate into your daily life. It’s equally important you build faith that it will work and help you be successful in reaching your long-term goals.

There are problems with much of what are being sold as Sexual Assault Recovery programs. Here are a few:

  1. Needing health insurance to pay for the program
  2. Needing to take time off work (appointments are during office hours)
  3. Not accounting for a survivor’s under-employment (it’s difficult for them to hold their previous job)
  4. Finding a specialist who will work with your schedule

Meditation, as taught by Luang Phor Viriyang Sirintharo, is a technique you can practice at home or work (anywhere except operating a vehicle or machinery), for free and learn to control how your mind works by building mindpower.  

The value is in the practice

I accept direct billing for Massage Therapy at Edmonton Therapeutic Massage. However, if you don’t have insurance, I can arrange a sliding scale.

It may be difficult for a sexual assault survivor to take time off work for a massage, especially when they’re struggling financially and may be working a “survival” job. That is why I work afternoons, evenings and weekends.

The Willpower Institute is open every weekday night (except holidays) to practice meditation with a group of students.

At #EdmontonTherapeuticMassage we refer women to #SpecialistsInTraumaRecovery who have been through similar experiences as them. The specialists work in safe, accessible, professional office spaces and can also practice via Skype. They work outside of typical Edmonton office hours.

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