A Blog Post 19 Years in the Making

A blog post 19 years in the making

The cost of #RecoveringFromSexualViolence

My education is both technical and hands-on. Most of the work I’ve done has been pro-bono as a victim’s advocate in Edmonton, Calgary and Grand Prairie.

One of the most expensive parts of recovery for many women I’ve worked with is lack of publicly accessible and low-cost psychological, emotional and physical support for injuries resulting from sexual abuse.

If programs aren’t readily accessible, it makes the recovery process longer and prohibitively expensive. When I was recovering from my first attack at the age of six, no one would believe me. My birth family blocked access to treatment and refused to admit I had been a victim of sexual abuse. The inability to access care at an early age led me to believe I was unworthy of medical attention or understanding.

I put years of work into establishing Victim’s Services funding for victims of incest in Alberta. It took 27 years from when I was assaulted as a child to win a tribunal against the Office of Victims’ Services Financial Benefits. The tribunal’s ruling stated that a child cannot consent to sexual assault.

Over the past 19 years, as I healed myself, I’ve been building a well-researched, low-cost, accessible program that is both scientific and practical.

If you decide to access resources that I suggest, please let me know if you find any of the following difficulties:

  1. They were difficult to navigate
  2. They were more political than practical
  3. They had hidden expenses
  4. They had “pay to recover” policies
With this information, we can work together and strengthen the referrals that Edmonton Therapeutic Massage provides.  

My Qualifications

  • RMT Diploma – Edmonton College of Swedish Relaxation Massage (2000)
  • Thai Massage Instructor – International Training Massage - Chiang Mai, Thailand (2005)
  • Meditation Instructor Willpower Institute (2011)
  • RMT Advanced Diploma – Northern Institute of Massage Therapy (2017)
  • Office for Victim’s of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Centre - USA (2015 – ongoing)
  • RAc Diploma Reeves College- Edmonton (currently attending)

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